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Astonish Them: An X-Men RPG
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July 2006
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Remy LeBeau [userpic]
Good Morning, Good Morning

Wasn't no way to back out now, Remy, I tol' myself. The door'd been knocked on, and I could hear the shuffle of feet comin' to answer it. It'd already been a couple'a weeks since M-Day, an' we'd all had our hands more'n full with the tent city that'd sprung up on our front yard, them shiny new Sentinels standin' over us like big metal vultures, and still keepin' the school open an' runnin'. Even I couldn't get out of doin' my mentor thing, and right now, it did appear to be needed, and bad.

Finally, though, I'd carved out some time this mornin' to go say hello and actually spend a few grown-up and alone minutes with Rogue. Not that I was expectin' anything romantic or all, but I was definitely lookin' forward to talkin' to someone about things other than homework and why 'Mr. Summers' is such a hard-ass and what a boy should do about 'funny feelings' around so many young ladies in skintight outfits.

Oui, especially that last one.

Rogue cracked open the door and turned a sleepy green eye at me. I waved.

"Jus' lil' ol' me," I said, smilin'.

The door opened further, revealin' my gal looking very sleep-rumpled and sexy as all hell in an oversized shirt I was pretty sure she'd lifted from my closet. My smile dipped a little. It was almost ten, I hadn't thought I'd be wakin' her up.

"Late night, chere?"

((Open to Rogue))

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"You could say that, Gumbo," Ah replied sleepily, letting him inside my room and hutting the door behind me. "Just can't stop thinking about everything, it seems. All the shit going on now? Everything at the mansion, all those students, just... gone?" Walking back to my bed, I sat on the edge, curling my knees close to my chest and tugging on the shirt until it covered my legs.

"You here for a reason Cajun?"

Oh, that sounded abrupt and kinda rude. Shaking my head, Ah just held up a hand. "Don't answer. Ah'm tired, is all. Haven't eaten, haven't..."

...forgotten Shiro, he's in my head still...

"... haven't really talked to you much lately, it seems." Ah paused, then blurted it out. It seemed it was something that Ah was good at, I reckon.

"You avoiding me?"

Ah had a feeling Ah knew why, though. On account of some mutants who weren't mutants anymore, and me? Well, hell, Ah was still Rogue. Swamprat, Southern, and still untouchable.

"Ah'm tired, is all. Haven't eaten, haven't... haven't really talked to you much lately, it seems."

I shook my head as I took up a position across from her, leaning back against her dresser. Didn't want to look like I was keepin' too far back, and I didn't want to crowd her, either. When things weren't great between us, I'd learned it was all about bein' careful. Our fights could get pretty impressive, and sometimes they ended up doing some good, but that didn't mean I enjoyed 'em.

"Don't make me worry 'bout you, girl. Gotta take care of yourself."

"You avoiding me?"

Frownin', I looked around Rogue's room, finally finding a chair. I tugged it over closer to her bed and folded myself down into it.

"Now that ain't true at all," I said. "Everything's... everything's been crazy lately."

Trying out something that wasn't too far from my usual smile, I shrugged. "And odd as it sounds, been tryin' to help out and do my part."

"But I'd like t' talk... about anything, if you're feelin' like it."

"Don't make me worry 'bout you, girl. Gotta take care of yourself."

Ah shrugged a bit, finally stretching my legs out and trying my best to smile at him and give him the old flirt and charm Ah was so damn good at. "Ah always take care of myself, Cajun. You're the one that worries me all the damn time, or have you forgotten?" Yeah, I knew that when I moved my legs, his shirt rode up a bit, and that wa sorta the point. Keep him distracted from me by keeping him distracted by me.

"Everything's... everything's been crazy lately."

"Ain't that the truth," Ah whispered back to him, finally relaxing once I saw him sit down. Maybe... maybe Ah was being too distant all on my own. Wasn't healthy to be acting like this with the man Ah supposedly loved, right?


"But I'd like t' talk... about anything, if you're feelin' like it."

Ah wiped at the tear that slid down my face and shook my head at myself. Couldn't we just once get back to dating, flirting, laughing?

Guess not.

"It's Shiro." Didn't think Ah needed to really say much more than that.