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Astonish Them: An X-Men RPG
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July 2006
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Emma Frost [userpic]
The Next Phase

"Damn it," I muttered to myself before passing Hank quickly without another moment's thought. Whatever the hell he was working on could wait. Cerebra needed to be repaired if we were going to attempt to locate the Professor, or even the remaining mutants left on the planet.

Then again, through our psychic link, Scott had told me what he'd heard on the radio about Shiro.

Shaking my head, I heard the loud clicks of my heels and stopped for a moment. It was loud. Far too loud. The emptiness of the mansion suddenly hit me at that moment and I pulled my white blazer closer around my body as if that would somehow protect me from the chill of the echoing hall. Pushing past that, I walked to Kitty's room, not knowing or caring if she was with Piotr at the moment.

I knocked once, out of courtesy, then opened the door and sighed.

We had never been on the best of terms, and here I was asking her for another bloody favor.

"Cerebra needs to be repaired as soon as possible," I explained to her. "Hank can't do it and... well, there was just an announcement on the radio that Shiro made some form of proclamation. Something along the lines of having the ability to return a mutant's powers to them."

I wasn't sure if she cared or not, but I pressed on.

"His were fully restored somehow."

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