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Astonish Them: An X-Men RPG
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July 2006
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Scott Summers [userpic]
Teachers' Conference

Striding through the mansion, I couldn't help but shake my head. Logan had offered up a couple of suggestions as to who might be behind Shiro Yoshida's sudden pronouncement that depowered mutants could be restored, and neither one of them made me feel any better. Sebastian Shaw, the last time the X-Men had seen him, had been thrown out of his own Hellfire Club and was either still in custody or was more concerned with restoring himself to power. Apocalypse, on the other hand, was dead.

Of course, those very same reasons served just as well as reasons to consider them as likely suspects. The question, then, was which-- unless, that was, the culprit was someone entirely new.

I was getting another one of those headaches.

The Institute was awake and buzzing, and between the garage and the office I shared with Emma, I had to deflect and evade more than a dozen students' questions about what they'd seen on the news. And frankly, I would have preferred dodging guided missiles, which didn't come at you with looks of hope or horror, and wanted to destroy you rather than coming to you for comfort.

"No one's going anywhere," I told them. "The X-Men are going to look into this. Shiro's a friend, and we're going to ask him what's going on, that's all."

Only a few dozen of the students who'd lost their powers had gone home to their families. Many of those still here only remained because, despite what had happened to them, were still being turned away. They were the ones I knew would be most desperate after hearing the news-- and the biggest reason we needed to get this settled now.

Once safely in the office, I shut my eyes and sent out a call.

{Emma. Let's talk. Logan and I are in the office.}

((Open to Emma and Logan))

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